Feature Flashback: Early Childhood Journey’s Podcast

Ep. 17: Co-Founder of TouchPoints, Child Advocate, Vicki Mayo Episode 17 with Vicki Mayo, a foster and adoptive parent, child advocate and strong believer in reducing children's ACEs score. Vicki is the Co-Founder of the TouchPoints Solutions device that we like to refer to as a game-changing tool for parents and educators. A non-invasive neuroscientific wearable … Continue reading Feature Flashback: Early Childhood Journey’s Podcast

Feature Flashback: The Skyler Irvine Show

EPISODE 52: Inventing New Medical Technology w/ Vicki Mayo CEO TouchPoint https://youtu.be/qiisApBPlPM https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/356211131&color=ff5500 Vicki Mayo is CEO and co-founder of Scottsdale-based the TouchPoint Solution, a neuroscientific tech company that offers an alternative to medication and traditional stress reduction methods, such as yoga and meditation, with wearable devices that reduce stress in 30 seconds. Prior to … Continue reading Feature Flashback: The Skyler Irvine Show

Feature Flashback: Forbes Women

Why Entrepreneurship Is Better Together Geri StengelContributorForbesWomenI write about the success factors of women entrepreneurs. Finding another female-founded tech startup with ambitions to scale in Arizona is like looking for the mythical unicorn, said Vicki Mayo, cofounder of TouchPoint Solution, a wearable technology that reduces the stress response. Vicki Mayo, CEO and cofounder of TouchPoint … Continue reading Feature Flashback: Forbes Women

Webinar Recording: Vicki Mayo from The Touchpoint Solution™ TTC Fireside Chat

https://videopress.com/v/8wCRx5M5?preloadContent=metadata Transtech Toronto Chapter Webinar Series featuring Vicki Mayo, Chief Legal Officer at nVision and Founder of The Touchpoint Solution™. who spoke about how serendipity can shape one's life path and that business opportunities can evolve through practicing grit and resiliency. She also shared some great nuggets on how to start up a tech company from scratch.