TouchPoints are patented wearables scientifically proven to reduce the negative impacts of stress, increasing focus, improving sleep, enhancing performance and keeping you centered. Developed by neuropsychologists, TouchPoints deliver powerful stress relief without drugs or side effects. By using gentle alternating vibrations on both sides of the body, TouchPoints shift you from your “fight or flight” stress response to a peaceful, calm response.

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for TouchPoints 3,496,369 times so far in 2022 to de-stress for better sleep.

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Most recent Customer Experience ratings report 94% happiness satisfaction, including a 4.3 rating on Google reviews and a 4.1 rating on Facebook reviews.

A trailblazing woman in the male-dominated IT industry, Vicki Mayo’s breakthrough neuroscientific wearables are clinically proven to provide fast relief from stress. 

An award-winning and nationally-recognized entrepreneur, Mayo also commits significant time to The Mayo Family Foundation, the family foundation she co-founded with her husband Simer Mayo, to focus on food insecurity issues; supporting at-risk children in the US; supporting international refugees; and providing access to robust healthcare across the globe. Most recently, The Mayo Family Foundation led efforts to rescue and evacuate 147 young Afghan women from the grips of the Taliban, and assist in the students’ relocation and case management as refugees in Arizona. 


Mayo has over 15 years of experience in various roles in child welfare, including supporting the efforts of the Court Appointed Special Advocate program (CASA) as well as creating a camp for foster siblings and Co-founding the Keys to Success Program which focuses on foster youth aging out of the system. Vicki became inspired to become involved in the programs after adopting two abandoned teenage boys at the age of 20, while earning her BA degree in Political Science and Hospitality Administration  at Northern Arizona University. 

Entrepreneur, public servant, child advocate, wife, mother. Vicki Mayo is on a mission to make a positive social impact and meaningful difference in the lives of her family, employees and community members. Raised from humble beginnings, Mayo is the daughter of parents who immigrated to the U.S. from India. Mayo grew up in Sedona, AZ, and now resides in Paradise Valley with her husband and their two children. 


Jennifer Grove Media Relations, Mayo Global