Successfully launching her first reservation management business in Sedona, AZ at the age of 14, serial entrepreneur and child welfare advocate, Vicki Mayo is the business powerhouse behind TouchPoint Solution, inventor of a patent pending technology that alleviates stress in 30 seconds.

A trailblazing woman in the male dominated technology industry, Mrs. Mayo is responsible for building Valor Global, an ethically run BPO contact center to over 1,000 employees spanning three continents. She also owns and operates Global Market Innovators (GMI) serving customers around the U.S.

Ms. Mayo is also founder of the national hotel management company Mayo Hotel Management, LLC. As a child welfare advocate, Ms. Mayo has supported the efforts of the Court Appointment Special Advocate program, created a camp for foster siblings, and co-founded the Keys to Success Program, focusing on aiding youth aging out of the foster care system.

Current Business Ventures

Using gentle, alternating micro-vibrations called BLAST (bilateral alternating stimulation tactile), TouchPoints give the user a gentle vibration that affects the brain and alters the body’s stress response to restore calm. This also relieves the associated body sensations that often accompany stress (i.e. stomachaches, headaches, or tightness in the chest).

GMI was born by the merging of three leading IT Solutions companies: General Microsystems, nVision and Extreme Integration. This combining of forces puts 80 years of industry expertise, leadership, and best in-class technology to work for you. With GMI, we’ve created an IT solutions platform with the capacity, knowledge, and experience to address large complex technology challenges while retaining small business agility and personal attention. We are relentlessly focused on helping our customers achieve their desired business outcomes. We do this by bringing together some of the best technology talent in the business, armed with a comprehensive suite of technology solutions. Our offerings include Managed IT Services, Cloud, Security, and Professional Services, as well as hardware and software solutions with best in-class technology.

Valor provides exceptional Customer Care solutions that allow our clients to build the relationship to improve customer satisfaction, nurture loyalty, and spur revenue growth. Let us help you deliver a personalized, multichannel customer experience that exceeds your customer care and business goals while lowering your service costs.